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Getting your site is as easy as... well, steak and kidney pie with microwaveable chips! Simply reach out to LLND using the contact form or by leaving us a comment. Give us the name of your site, your site's URL (website address), any contact details such as emails and phone numbers you want to be published, and your Twitter handle/link if you have one. Please also let us know which borough or part of London you want your entry to appear in. If you cover all of London, then we will publish your entry in the All of London page. We will publish these details as soon as possible after receipt.

Remember, all submissions to the Directory are accepted free of charge, however LLND has a few requirements, what with us being a specialist, regional online news directory an' all.

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  • Your site must have news content, either your own or supplied by other news media. This does not include sites that only engage in commentary on the news or are solely dedicated to opinion pieces/articles. We do accept entries from news aggregators.

  • Your site must be based in or report on news in any of the 32 boroughs of Greater London or the City of London. You do not have to be physically located in London. If, for example, you run a London news blog but you are an expat in Australia, the Directory will accept your blog for inclusion.

  • The Directory will accept entries from blogs that cover London news, amongst other topics or types of news, as long as a significant amount of your coverage is dedicated to the city and its environs.

  • Your news does not have to be current affairs ('hard news'). We can accept submissions from topical news sites, such as sports, culture and fashion for example.

  • Although LLND is an English language site, London is a multilingual and multicultural city, and the Directory will accept submissions from news sites that publish in other languages, as long as the other requirements are met.

  • LLND will not accept submissions from 'fake news' disseminating sites or sites that masquerade as news outlets, but are meant to peddle spam or malware and the like. The Directory should be a safe place for its users.

  • Unfortunately we cannot accept submissions from news satire sites, although we can accept advertising opportunities from such sites.

For advertisers:

The rates are as follows:

Basic text links or mini-ads (very small banner ads etc.)
£5.00 per month

Banner ads made in-house by LLND (1742 px by 175 px is standard size)
£20.00 per month

Banner ads provided by advertiser
£10.00 per month

Square ads made in-house by LLND
£15.00 per month

Square ads provided by advertiser
£7.50 per month

For all adverts featured on the home (front) page
an extra £5.00 per month

Charitable organisations/NGOs receive 50% off the standard price.

We also offer a special Facebook advertising package. You can get your business promoted on the official LLND Facebook page to reach a worldwide audience. Contact us for more information.

PRICES ARE STANDARDISED, BUT CAN BE NEGOTIATED. Please contact LLND for more information or to negotiate.

We are open to all adverts except the following:

  • Ads for illegal activities and prohibited goods (sexual services, prescription drugs, firearms, explosives, counterfeit goods, malwares and spywares, and other such materials).

  • Ads promoting gambling (lotteries, casinos etc.)

  • Ads promoting copyright-infringed goods.

  • Ads containing racist, sexist, homophobic or other societally unacceptable messages.

We especially welcome ad enquiries from businesses and services based in Greater London or the Home Counties.