📝 Three London Tamil sites listed on LLND

Vijay Shah
13th February 2021

At LLND, we are constantly on the lookout for new news outlets to add to the listings. As part of my research, I have uncovered these three sites that serve the Tamil community in London and across the UK and world.

There are believed to be a 100-200,000 strong population of Tamils in the UK, with the vast majority centred in London, especially in Brent and Harrow boroughs with a vibrant community south of the river Thames too. Tamils belong to an ancient and venerable culture famed for their literature, architecture and fondness for travel and merchandising. Most British Tamils originate from Sri Lanka (Ilankai in Tamil) where they form the largest minority. Sadly a long civil war in Sri Lanka forced many Tamils to leave the island and many settled here in Britain.

Being established here for many years, and much like any other community that had moved far from its origins, Tamils widely consume media from their heartland, whether India or Sri Lanka, and with the biggest concentration of Tamils being in Greater London, it is here where we find some special publications.

Two of the three latest additions to the LLND are by IBC Tamil. This is a media company offering 24-hour news and other programming to expatriate Sri Lankan Tamils. IBC Tamil are based out of Ruislip in Harrow borough. As part of their media portfolio, they offer both a news website, IBC Tamil News Website, which also functions as their main site, and an e-paper as well. The e-paper is published once a month and all of their recent issues are available for download. English-speakers... sorry to disappoint, IBC purely broadcast in Tamil, so you will not be able to make use of the services from IBC unless you have a translation service handy.

Our third listing is called Vanakkam London. Vanakkam is Tamil for 'welcome' or 'hello' and is also an online news magazine covering Tamil news and events here and in Sri Lanka. They have a cool artsy logo and seem quite informative, although as I cannot read Tamil, I can't delve deeper.

All three publications are now available to view in our site. Check them out and introduce your Tamil friends to them.