📝 Square Mile News: Latest blog addition to LLND

Vijay Shah
19th February 2021

This past Tuesday (16th February 2021), LLND welcomed the latest addition to its listings. Square Mile News, which takes its its name from a colloquial name for the City of London is a blog covering local stories from the whole of London. The blog posts an article once a day, although it has been quiet since December 2020.

Square Mile is hosted on Google's blogging service Blogger, and is very noticebale for its distinctive red masthead or header and having white text on a black background, in stark contrast to the black-on-white format used by most websites for news. Think of it as a permanent 'dark mode' option.

Sadly, there is little in the way of background information about the site, other than it has a nameless editor and a handful of followers. The news appears to be from external suppliers.

You can see more at: https://squaremilenews.blogspot.com/