📝 Marymount Messenger joins LLND

Vijay Shah
14th February 2021

First of all, for those of you celebrating, we wish to wish you a very happy Valentine's Day, even though the UK lockdown at least will keep romantic outgoings to a fairly non-existent level this year. Dinner-for-two in the kitchen with the cats sounds about right, innit?

But now to the subject at hand. This afternoon, we have enrolled a new site to the listings. Please give a warm round of applause to
Marymount Messenger, a student newspaper run online by some very talented students at the Marymount International School London in Kingston-upon-Thames. This school is a Catholic faith and independent day/boarding institution for girls founded by a religious order in 1955. Like any student newspaper, the Messenger covers a variety of topics in their news reporting, with a strong emphasis on events at their school. In addition to news, there's also features, opinion pieces and even an 'Agony Aunty' column to be had. The whole site is run under the FLEX WordPress Theme by SNO and the Messenger's editor-in-chief is currently Alexandra Miller.

The Messenger is a delightful community news outlet, reminiscent of an American small-town daily. I can imagine the girls staffing up this site will be very much tomorrow's rising stars of international journalism.